Whether you are a supplier or a customer, our aim is to provide you with the best possible service in all phases of our partnership. In addition to connecting supply to demand, we also offer financing, risk management and logistic solutions – all to make sure that your every paper and board need is satisfied.

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If you are a merchant, printer or converter in need of paper and board by the container load, we are here to help you locate the most suitable product from the most suitable supplier. Given that fluctuations in local supply and demand, currencies and transportation costs all affect the business of paper trading, we vow to utilise our every resource to match your request to the best supplier available at the time. Our team of experienced traders and trade coordinators has access to over 200 manufacturers worldwide, so you can rest assured that our search is thorough and your demands are met.


If you are a paper manufacturer, Fortex provides access to over 600 buyers in 70 different markets. Our great flexibility allows us to customise solutions to your circumstances, whether that entails long-term arrangements or spot deals, prime or second grade orders, production orders or side trims. Above and beyond access to our extensive network, our traders’ up-to-date market knowledge ensures that your products are being sold at the current market price. In sum, we supply you with all the demand you need.